Summer Day Camp

Families Together Summer Camps

Mission Statement

We encourage children with disabilities to learn the skills they need to develop meaningful relationships with others and cope with a variety of social situations in a safe, supportive environment.

Result of meaningful relationships

Children with disabilities desire to have relationships with others, but sometimes lack the skills or understanding of how to do so. When children do not have meaningful relationships, anxiety, depression, and isolation result. However, when children develop meaningful relationships, anxiety decreases, self-confidence and self-esteem increase, thus enhancing the quality of life for the child. When children have even one friend, life is more enjoyable and the children have more motivations to stretch beyond their patterns of isolation.

Building friendships

Our program promotes social skill acquisition in a motivating environment with enjoyable activities with the support of trained staff and volunteers. Friendships will be nurtured and social interactions will be facilitated. The groups will remain small in order to promote the feelings of security and emotional safety and to avoid overwhelming stimuli.