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Outreach and Support

What do you Need? We are here to HELP!

Families Together offers two support groups to provide opportunities for mutual support and to create social connections. We also offer individualized support to caregivers as they are learning new parenting techniques. Our goal is to meet the needs of the unique situation and meet the family, caregiver, child where they are. We are along for the ride!


We provide a Positive Parenting Course in addition to individualized support for families who are learning about the IEP and 504 process in schools.

Currently our Positive Parenting Courses are being held monthly at Pullman Parks & Rec building. These courses are an hour long, interactive, informative and a great way to connect with other parentings experiencing some of the same unique things that your family may be experiencing, raising a child with special needs.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our monthly newsletter for TBA announcements regarding monthly meeting topics, virtual links, etc. For specific questions and concerns please contact Beth Ficklin by email at beth@familiestogether.org or by phone at (208) 874-7891.

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Programs and Enrichment

We are currently offering several programs providing support to families in our area. Check out our calendar below for more information on available programs, specific dates, locations and times! We also offer on-demand enrichment activities on our YouTube channel.

Parent’s Night Out, Respite Care

This program is designed to provide a much needed breaks for parents and full-time care providers by providing them with respite reimbursement funds that permit for a ‘night out’ or time away, with the goal for reimbursement funds (paid by Families Together) to pay the childcare/ “babysitter” for the time the parents are away.

This program is currently a childcare reimbursement program that many parents and caregivers value because it gives them the much needed “coffee break” or “date-night” that refreshes them so they can be the support that’s needed for their child(en). Our current respite program provides families with a meal out, reimbursement for up to $50 per month of childcare expenses and a gift card to stream a video or two online.

Sibling Support Program

At Families Together we acknowledge that the WHOLE family is involved in caring for and creating a safe, educational and supporting living environment for your children living with disabilities but their SIBLINGS as well! A unified family approach is one we believe will set a foundation for the family unit that will continue to embrace healthy, cooperative, resiliency within the family and family goals.

Sibling Support Activity

We are eager to host a monthly sibling-geared activity (TBA) that will allow siblings the opportunity to engage, “hang-out” and grow with each other.

Do you have suggestions & Feedback?

Let us know…e-mail us at:


We depend on hearing from you so we can meet your needs to the best of our ability.

Parent to Parent is in Whitman County!

Learning that your child has a special health or developmental concern can be a frightening and isolating experience.

Parents may have questions and concerns as they learn about new information and services that can help their child and family. Parents also need time and support to navigate their own emotions and adjust to raising a child with special needs. Personal support from another parent, who has a child with similar needs, can help. You are not alone. We have been there. Volunteer Helping Parents are available to provide support and information.

Helping Parent volunteers have completed a training program and are available to provide support and information to other parents. All information is kept confidential. There is no cost for this service.

Services Offered:

  • Emotional support for parents of children with special needs.

  • Information and referrals to community resources.

  • Trained Helping Parents whose parenting experience match yours as closely as possible.

  • Social and recreational events.

  • Current information on disabilities, medical conditions and community resources.

  • Training for parents who would like to become Volunteer Helping Parents.

  • Public awareness and outreach to the community regarding individuals with special needs and/or disabilities.