About Us

Families Together believes family involvement, community programs and direct supports for individuals with disabilities are essential to increase their resiliency, accessibility in reaching their potential, and maintaining a fulfilling life that contributes to society. Families Together’s programs are designed to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved parents, siblings, friends, caregivers and community members who can work together to improve the lifelong outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

We believe:

  • Participation through learning and recreation activities can increase resiliency for family members.
  • Programs that support inclusive activities for individuals of all abilities can enrich the lives of families and communities.
  • Communities that provide accessible spaces, supports, and community agency education in order to increase disability awareness, contribute to the success of people with disabilities allowing them to be contributing members of society.
  • Siblings of individuals with disabilities need opportunities and programs to support them in their role as advocates, care providers and playmates.
  • Families need ongoing supports, programs, trainings, and resources to continue advocating for their child with disabilities.
  • Together, we can build and maintain a strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved community that will support families.

Want to get Involved?

We are always in need of volunteers who are willing to donate time and efforts to assist us in accomplishing our mission in the community and within the families we serve. Contact us today if you’re interested in volunteering with our organization.