Our Staff

Executive Director

HI! My name is Trina Cooper and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to join the Families Together organization within the Executive Director position, WOW!!! I am terribly excited to be a part of such a tremendously innovative and compassionate program, one that strives to strengthen and support families in such amazing ways.
I started my journey in Pullman, Washington in 1999 as a freshman at Washington State University. I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest, but today am very blessed to call Pullman, Washington my home. I pride myself in being a single mother of 4 beautiful girls (yes girls! Eek!!!) and I also work in the property management industry. 
I have always had a passion for learning and pride myself as a “life-long learner”. I started a Doctorate program in Management this past September and while there is always lots to juggle, I have enjoy learning, growing. I can’t wait to learn and grow with Families Together. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Happy holidays and stay warm until we meet again!

Outreach Director

Beth Ficklin is new to our staff.  She has four children, two whom have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), another with a learning disability, and a sibling who needs support in a family with competing needs. Over the past two years, Beth has worked in the community build a support network for families of children with special needs and learning disabilities. Beth has a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology with a minor in Applied Statistics from Clemson University. Beth looks forward to continuing to serve the community in a more formal way.