day campFamilies Together Summer Day Camp

3 hour day camp on Wednesday’s this summer for 8 weeks
June 24-Augut 12
Time: 10:00AM-1:00PM (Bring a sack lunch and we will end each day with lunch at 12:30PM)
Where: We will be meeting out in the community at parks and other venues
Ages: 8-16
Cost: Free this summer

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Nutrition and Special Needs Kids Does Diet Make a Difference?

by Sheila Hughes, BA, HI

May 30 from 10:30AM – 12:00PM Gritman Conference Center 700 South Main Street Moscow, ID 83843 Since when does diet NOT make a difference in one’s health? Why not feed your child the best possible diet? There are techniques to help get your finicky child to eat healthy food and it is possible to eat healthy on a tight budget.  We will also discover how we can make small changes in our food buying habits that can build on other changes leading to positive results in health and behavior.  It’s time we take back our children’s health and make the necessary changes that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Sheila is a mother of four children, two of whom have special needs.  Prior to having children, Sheila obtained her BA in Psychology from Western Washington University and worked for 10 years with Catholic Community Services in both Bellingham and Seattle Washington in Children’s Mental Health and as a Foster Parent Trainer and Licenser.  Coming back into the workforce after 14 years, including home schooling her older children while managing her youngest son’s autism treatment, Sheila is now working as a Habilitative Intervention Specialist with families who have children on the autism spectrum and does Life Coaching on the side..   Sheila knows the importance of providing good nutritious food and products for her children and making it work on a tight budget.  She loves sharing what she has learned along the way and empowering other families to make positive changes in their lives to live to their potential. Come explore and find some answers.


Swim party and Potluck with PUSH America Guys

June 7 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Come Celebrate with the PUSH America Guys! FREE Swimming, Play and Giveaway!!

Sloppy Joes provided and bring a side dish to share!

When: Sunday, June 7th 5:00 PM– 8:00 PM 5:00 PM- Come and meet the PUSH America Guys 5:30PM Sloppy Joes and potluck at the Military Hill Park Pavilion (located above the Pullman Indoor Aquatic Center at 500 NW Larry St. in Pullman) 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Swimming with the PUSH Guys! This will be a blast!!

Where: Pullman Aquatic and Fitness Center 500 NW Larry ST in Pullman (address is the same for the dinner location)

Donations from Bed Bath and Beyond

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BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED:  Families Together is looking to add several new Board members.  IF you want to get involved and help provide direction to our programming, contact Denise at or call 208-874-7891 to learn more.  We would really enjoy having more parents with children with disabilities on our Board!

Who Are We:

Families Together was founded in 1986 in Pullman, Washington by parents, siblings and professionals to provide families with support and information using the Family Enrichment Weekend model. The Family Enrichment Weekend is a unique model that uses a combination of recreation, education, and performance to provide families with an exciting family experience that is filled with laughter, learning, and love.

Our Mission:

Families Together is a nonprofit organization that believes family involvement and support are essential for individuals with disabilities to reach their potential and maintain a life that is secure and meaningful. Families Together’s programs are designed to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the lifelong outcomes for their child or sibling with a disability.

We believe:

  • Family learning and recreation will benefit all family members and strengthen family unity.
  • Full participation of individuals with disabilities enriches all families and communities.
  • People with disabilities need involved family members to advocate and support them to live, work, and fully participate in their community.
  • Non-disabled siblings need support and information to assist them in advocating and supporting their brother or sister with a disability as children and as adults.
  • Families need ongoing information and training in advocating for high quality education and career training opportunities.
  • Providing families with resources and supports that build and maintain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the life-long outcomes for their child or their sibling with a disability.



Theatre Acting Classes:

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 Families Together had a great time leading the Mardi Gras parade in Moscow!

moscow mardi gras parade

Fun at the Palouse Science Center in Pullman

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