Walk and Roll Event

When: Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 3:00PM

Where: City Playfields in Pullman, WA

               820 SE South Street

Why:  Awareness ~ Networking ~ Fundraising

Register today and join Team Families Together by clicking on this link:  https://www.firstgiving.com/team/313082

Create your own fundraising page and collect donations to support Families Together! 

The Walk and Roll will be on the paved jogging trail that goes around the playfields. It is 0.5 miles long for one lap. After the Walk and Roll, t-shirts will be distributed.

There will be snacks, music, cheerleaders, and vendor booths for people to enjoy. 

Come and learn what other nonprofits are doing to support individuals with disabilities.

Thank you to the Shark’s AAU basketball team for a great Basketball Camp!


Families Together was founded in 1986 in Pullman, Washington by parents, siblings and professionals to provide families with support and information using the Family Enrichment Weekend model. The Family Enrichment Weekend is a unique model that uses a combination of recreation, education, and performance to provide families with an exciting family experience that is filled with laughter, learning, and love.

Our Mission:

Families Together is a nonprofit organization that believes family involvement and support are essential for individuals with disabilities to reach their potential and maintain a life that is secure and meaningful. Families Together’s programs are designed to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the lifelong outcomes for their child or sibling with a disability.

We believe:

  • Family learning and recreation will benefit all family members and strengthen family unity.
  • Full participation of individuals with disabilities enriches all families and communities.
  • People with disabilities need involved family members to advocate and support them to live, work, and fully participate in their community.
  • Non-disabled siblings need support and information to assist them in advocating and supporting their brother or sister with a disability as children and as adults.
  • Families need ongoing information and training in advocating for high quality education and career training opportunities.
  • Providing families with resources and supports that build and maintain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved family members who can work together to improve the life-long outcomes for their child or their sibling with a disability.


Day Camp:

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camp winco

camp water camp woods camp puzze

camp woods gameTheatre Acting Classes:

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 Families Together had a great time leading the Mardi Gras parade in Moscow!

moscow mardi gras parade